How to prepare your skin prior to waxing treatment?
Looking to book your first wax appointment? If so, then here are some tips you should know to get the best results from waxing.

The most important point to note is to have enough hair growth. For Hollywood, Brazilian or full body waxing your hair needs to be at least 1 cm (0.4 inch) in length. If your hair is too long, it is much better to leave it as it is and get your skin waxed. If you noticed that your hair is too short please leave it for some time to grow so it has the minimum length required, otherwise the wax will not have enough grip to stick to your hair and as result it will not be pulled out from the skin. If you are have a waxing appointment after a long day at work and are worried that you will not have time to get a shower, this is not an issue as your waxing therapist will prepare and cleanse your skin prior to your treatment.

The most important point before waxing is to have at least 1 cm (0.4 inch) hair growth. 

Should you exfoliate or not?

Firstly, while it is common to scrub your skin before coming for a bikini or body wax session, exfoliation of the skin is not necessary before any waxing treatment. Wax due to its sticky consistency removes dead skin cells with unwanted hair, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. So if you have had some scrubbing done a day before your wax treatment, it can be harmful to the skin. Your skin is constantly shading and it needs time to regenerate, but if you scrub and wax within a short period it can result in damaged and sensitive skin, so please don't scrub your body 48 hours prior to your appointment. 

Do not moisturise!

Secondly, if you are skin moisturiser lover, you must not moisturize your skin on the day of your wax treatment, as wax will not stick to your hair and as a result all hair might not be removed. In case you mistakenly moisturised your body and booked your wax appointment last minute, just reschedule for another day or let your waxing therapist know so he/she is aware and can cleanse the skin accordingly.

Smooth and healthy skin

The rule of the thumb is that your skin should be in a healthy and good condition before your wax treatment. If you have recently sun bathed or have had any heat treatment and your skin is damaged, irritated and/or red in colour, please avoid getting your skin waxed for at least 5 to 10 days to allow the skin to recover. 

Everyone have different pain thresholds and different types of hair, so dont worry as pain after waxing lasts only 2-5 seconds

Skin patch test before a Brazilian or Hollywood wax

Next if it is your first time having a Hollywood, Brazilian or full leg wax and you are very sensitive to new products or might be allergic to some ingredients, make sure you let your therapist know so you get a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your wax treatment. This will enable you to assess if your skin has any reaction to any type of wax treatment and book your actual wax treatment accordingly.

Does waxing hurt?

Lastly have you heard that waxing is very painful? Well that is entirely dependent on you! Everyone have different pain thresholds and different types of hair, so each person will have different reactions to the waxing process. If you have read that drinking alcohol will reduce the pain, rest assured it won’t help. However what might help is taking paracetamol or any other painkillers as it will relax your nervous system. Please do not worry the pain lasts only 2-5 seconds after the pull of the hair from your skin and a good therapist will do it quickly and easily!

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