Massages and The Basics

What is a massage?

A Massage is the external manipulation of the skin and the underlying structures, using a system of therapeutic stroking, pressing and kneading movements to relax, stimulate and rehabilitate the body.

What is a relaxing massage?

A Relaxing massage is a gentle procedure designed to relax holistically, body spirit and mind. Variety of techniques will relax and release stress within. It involves slow pace light, smooth and slow strokes and light to medium pressure. As well as providing specific medical benefits, relaxing massage can improve general health and wellbeing. It’s a great choice for first timers, or clients who are looking to get time for themselves and get pampered.

Relaxing massage involves slow pace light, smooth and slow strokes and light to medium pressure. 

What are the general effects and benefits of relaxing massage?

Soothing and relaxing enhancing your sense of wellbeing Reducing tension and pain over tender areas Helps to relieve mental stress, fatigue and blocked emotions Releases toxins from muscles and cleans your body Improves circulation all over the body Oxygen in the blood is increased and respiration becomes easier Stimulates healing abilities Improves sleeping patterns

Is a massage just a treat for you?

It is important to relax especially as how we are busy doing day-to-day activities from sitting down on your desk to doing chores. We need to be able to stop for a moment and enjoy being at peace. With added a benefit of lymphatic drainage, you are able to ease in and close your mind from the chaos during the day.

Come to us at Switi Waxing and enjoy moments of peace and tranquility.

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