Why waxing for men?
It is a myth that waxing is only for women. Many male athletes, as well as models and actors are deciding to do this procedure. Why?

What are the benefits?

Waxing doesn't only give your body definition, but it is a cleaned look. However there is nothing wrong with having hair on your body as it is natural.

The waxing effect will last up to four weeks - hair takes longer to grow back as it is pulled from the root. Also, for swimmers and athletes a full body wax can help in performance in sport. Regrown hair is finer - as the hair is pulled out from the root, it will regrown softer and finer.

Waxing also means that there will be little maintenance unlike shaving.

With regular waxing, hair can even disappear as constant waxing weakens the hair follicles. Skin is smooth - dead skin cells are removed, which means that you will prevent ingrown hairs. It also means that there will be little maintenance unlike shaving.  Therapists reach areas that you cannot - for example hair on the back and sensitive areas are much harder to wax yourself.  Less body odour- as hair tends to absorb perspiration, this means that it will build up. Getting rid off the hair means the odour cannot be retained. 

How does it compare to shaving?

You will have to shave often meaning that you are spending more time but also damaging your skin if you are not doing it correctly e.g.  razor burns and cuts. This can cause irritation and sometimes infection whereas waxing is a sanitised method. 

What is the process?

Hair has to be at least 1 cm or longer. We prep the skin by cleansing it to remove any dead skin cells. Then we use a natural powder to create a barrier between wax and the skin. We use a natural powder as opposed to baby powder as it blocks follicles  and can cause allergies.  We use strip wax for main body parts and hot wax for sensitive areas where skin is thinner  e.g. face and underarms.  Then we moisturise the skin to avoid any redness. Finally, we remove any wax residue. 

We invite you to visit us and experience for yourself. You will be in professional hands.

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